Competitive Backgammon

Backgammon enthusiasts have formed clubs for playing backgammon socially. In fact this competitive backgammon has become a social game today. Some of the local clubs also hold social gatherings which include members meeting at cafes or bars in the evenings to socialize with each other engaging in conversations and the pleasure of playing. There are clubs that provide additional services, maintaining their own facilities or offering computer analysis of competitive backgammon play. A few club leaders have noticed a current growth of attention in backgammon, and attribute this to the popularity of playing the game on the internet.

One of the variant of competitive backgammon, Chouette allows three or more players to take part in one game usually with money at stake. A player competes against a certain team with all of the other players, and there is a rotation of positions after every game. However, the Chouette version of the game often enables making use of doubling cubes in multiples. For competitive backgammon play, clubs also organized backgammon tournaments for their players. In fact we can see competitive play in backgammon in such tournaments. Tops players of the tournaments often participate in the major international and national stakes such as international championships for Backgammon.

In earlier times before 1979, no single world competition or championship for backgammon was held.  But many competitive backgammon tournaments were held in the Bahamas and Las Vegas. Since then the competitive play backgammon championship held in Monte Carlo has been accepted as the top international championship. It now acknowledged as the World Backgammon Championship game. Thousands of players and spectators come in and play in a series of weeks. Presently, the major competitive backgammon tournaments for Backgammon are held every year in Rio de Janeiro, Dallas, St. Tropez and Venice.

When the game of backgammon is played for real money, this is usually done by assigning a value to each match or game and to play with a determined score aimed at being reached first. The game is stopped if a player decides to stop. The monetary value or the stakes usually rise by the gammons, backgammons, and of course using the doubling cube. Now backgammon is available in online casinos today. Like all other gambling games, successful playing of backgammon requires a combination of both luck and skill, as a single dice roll can, in some circumstances, significantly change the outcome of the game.

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