Backgammon For Beginners


Backgammon is a wonderful board game which is played between two people. With online backgammon, people can now enjoy this game at the comfort of their own home. The simple way to get started with online backgammon is to just download the software and starting at once. However, backgammon for beginners would not be that much difficult if they learn the simple basics of this game beforehand.  Here, we will let you know some essential basics of online backgammon that will be useful for beginners.


Backgammon is basically two players’ game which is played upon a special board with 15 game pieces called checkers. Online backgammon for beginners would be quite simple if they know the simple concept of the game. The backgammon board generally comprises of 24 points and is further categorized into 4 parts: each player has a home board and an inner board. The main objective of this game is to be the first player who moves his checkers to the home board and then bears off the checkers, while striking and entering the opponent's checkers.


In a backgammon game, players try to move all of their 15 checkers from one side to the other. However, the moves usually depend on what two dice roll. The information on backgammon for beginners online shows that to win the game the players should get the checkers onto the home board. Then checkers has to be removed in accordance to the number rolled on the dice. When the checkers are removed from the board, this is what we called the bear off.  The player wins the game if all the checkers are removed from the board.

To begin the game, firstly players have to decide who will go first. This is done by throwing the dice; whoever rolls the highest number will begin the game. This initial number becomes the amount a player can move his or her first checker. Players have two choices when it comes to moving their checkers. They can use both dice to move a single checker across the board or can use one dice for one checker and the other dice for a different checker. This is what backgammon for beginners should keep in mind while playing the game. Once the decision has been made and the checker has been moved, it is the other player’s turn. But player cannot move a checker to a point that already has the other player’s checker on it. The above article is complete beginners guide for backgammon game. 

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