Backgammon Rules

Backgammon is a board game which has become very popular amongst the online gamers. It is a game for two players. Like any other game, one has to learn the simple backgammon rules so as to play the game. Learning the simple basics of this board game is not at all difficult. The object of this game is to be the first to move all of your 15 game pieces or stones out of inner table or home board. Players can move their checkers only from points with higher numbers to points with lower ones. With the roll of two dice, it is more a game of luck than strategy.

Given below is the simple basic online backgammon rules that you need to learn:

1)      To begin the game of backgammon players has to throw a single dice. As backgammon rules online the player who rolls the highest number will make the first move.

2)      Following rules of backgammon, you have to roll two dice to move on your turn. Then you have to move one of your game chips the total number shown on the dice or move two chips, one for each number shown on a dice. When moving, you can jump over other player’s pieces on the game board. You have to move your chips in clockwise manner to your inner table or home board.

3)      Following the rules to play backgammon, the next step would be to roll doubles and move one game chip four times the number shown on the dice. As a backgammon rules, you can move two game chips two times the number on the dice or move four chips for each number shown on the dice.

4)      The next step is to hit the opponent by clearing one of your game chips to a space occupied by one of your opponent’s chips. But on your opponent’s turn, he can replace his chip onto the game chip onto the game board in his outer table if one of the numbers on either dice is equal to an available space in his outer table.

5)      As backgammon rules, bearing off the board starts once a player has all their chips in their inner table. On each turn, the players roll their dice and starts moving pieces out of their inner table off the board. Pieces can only be moved when the number is rolled that corresponds with the space it sits on. This continues until one player is the first to remove all his pieces from his inner table. Based on the rules for playing backgammon, the first player to bear all his chips wins the game.

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