Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon is one of the most popular board games in online casinos today. One can easily start playing this board game by learning its simple basics. It is not very difficult to learn its rules. Backgammon is a game of both skill and luck. Though your game heavily rely on the rolls of the dice, knowing some basic backgammon strategy is very essential. This will definitely increase your chances of winning the game. Here we will discuss some of the backgammon strategies that will be helpful while playing the game.

Listed below are some of the basic strategies of backgammon that you ought to know:

Building your board – This online backgammon strategy completely focused on making more points on your home board. It has two advantages – to make more points on your home board will complicate your opponent’s escape. The second advantage would be, when you hit your opponent’s blots, he will face difficulty in reentering them. This consequently prevents him from continuing in the game and giving you the complete authority over the board.

Escaping strategy – This is another backgammon strategy online where you need to escape your checkers from your opponent’s home board. If two of your game pieces are on opponent’s home board, you can escape them when your opponent is building his board. The two rolls which will enable you to do so include 6-5 and 6-6. All other combinations can leave you with two blots on the board.

Combination strategy - The other strategy for backgammon game is the combination strategy.  This strategy is the combination of both building and escaping strategies. To be very precise, it’s just building your board, when keeping in mind the two runners on the opponent’s home board.

Safe play strategy – Another strategy of backgammon include safe play strategy. It is a strategy where you have to leave few blots as possible, making more points as possible to prevent the opponent from hitting your checkers. But, doing this will not be always advantageous for you.

Bold play – This backgammon strategy refers to taking risks by exposing blots. This will create advantageous positions or to tempt the opponent into hitting. This strategy is just opposite to safe play, yet it can lead you to victory but sometime could also spell losing the game. Secure bold - protecting blots by exposing other blots to tempt the opponent.

Back game strategy – The other backgammon strategy also include back game strategy. This is based on creating numerous anchors in the opponent's home board, therefore preventing him from bearing in his checkers and forcing him to expose his checkers to hits. In fact, the best backgammon strategy is to analyze your opponent's moves to identify his strategy and then employ the opposite strategy.


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