History Of Backgammon

The history of backgammon is quite ancient.  It has evolved a long time ago. It is believe that backgammon has its origin from Mesopotamia in the Persian Empire or as in the present day Iran, Iraq, and Syria. It is the oldest known recorded board game in history. This game was played on surfaces such as wood, using stones as markers, and dice made from bones, stones, wood or pottery in earlier times. However, the origin of backgammon can be traced back thousands of years BC to board games played by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, and Persians. Its most ancient game is called ‘Senet’ which was developed in ancient Egypt and played on a board with 3X10 squares.

In the history of backgammon, another Roman game called “Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum," was most likely derived from Senet. This Roman game had three rows of twelve "points," and was played with three six-sided dice. Backgammon history reveals that in 500's AD, one of the rows was dropped and later, the game came to be called "tabula", (meaning table in Latin). It is also believed that Emperor Claudius was very fond of the game and, allegedly, even had a game board attached to his chariot.

When we further look into the history of backgammon, the game arrived in England during 1st century and it was known to be ‘Tables’. In fact, the rules become more recognizable to those of the modern variety. The game survived till middle ages but later it was banned for a time in England due to its gambling nature. In the year 1645, the game was first referred to as "Backgammon" and Edmund Hoyle introduced the first official rules of backgammon in 1943. However, the game was introduced in New York during 1920, and it spread more quickly amongst the gamers.

The history of online backgammon begins with the development of computers and internet. It was in 1992, the first Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) was formed when broadband internet access was not very common. However, in the history of backgammon online, towards the end of 20th century internet access become more faster and online backgammon quickly flourished as an online gambling activity. Today, all the biggest online gaming portals had added multi player backgammon games and people enjoy playing these games with lots of fun.

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